3D Stickers for WhatsApp, Message, WeChat Free

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We all love share with our friends, now we are bringing to you our fabulous app 3D Stickers, to make funny than ever your conversations in WhatsApp, Message, Mail, WeChat, Weibo, Facebook and Twitter!!


-More Stickers Coming Soon-

-Open 3D Stickers
-Choose the category and the Sticker you like
-Choose one of the options (Share with Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Weibo, Copy etc)
-If you want to use it in WhatsApp, WeChat or Message, select Copy if it has no animation or just touch it if it has animation
-Select the button of WhatsApp, WeChat or Message and Paste the Sticker in the Message Box
-Enjoy it!

*You need to have configured Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Weibo, if you want to share the stickers through them.


Unofficial Product. This app is the sole creation and responsibility of MadDev Software. This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo, its name, trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.

Technical Support
Contact us at maddevsoft@hotmail.com

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