Pop it! Dots Game





With Pop it! Dots Games you will have hours of an amazingly simple, addictive and funny game!!

Connect with 3 or more dots with the same color, use Bomb dots, Star dots and 2x Dots to make faster points and improve your Highscores!
Include 3 types of game like Endless: Infinite Mode, 60’s: Challenge Mode and Timed Mode

You can listen your favorite music while playing!, just mute the sound game, and go to your library music app in the device, choose the playlist you want and back to the game



Endless Mode: is the untimed infinite mode, swap the dots by clicking on them and then clicking on an adjacent (left, right, up, or down) dot to exchange their places to form a chain of three or more dots. The more dots you chain, the more points you gain.

Timed Mode: Look for other dots chains as soon as you make the move to swap one before the time ends!

60 secs Challenge Mode: Think fast is the most important skill you’ll need in this mode. If you have not yet learned to recognize dot patterns quickly, you can do so by practicing in other modes such as Endless Mode.

There are also special dots such as bombs, stars and 2x multiplier

-Stars: Swapping a dot with a star dot causes all dots like the one swapped to be cleared off the screen.

-Bomb: Swapping a dot with a bomb dot causes an explosion in all dots near the one swapped.

-2x: Swapping a dot with a 2x dot multiplier the points gain in the game.

If you like the game, please help us with a good review and let us know what would you like us to add , thanks for your support!!!

Technical Support
Contact us at maddevsoft@hotmail.com

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3D Stickers for WhatsApp, Message, WeChat Free

Stickers Free 1024




We all love share with our friends, now we are bringing to you our fabulous app 3D Stickers, to make funny than ever your conversations in WhatsApp, Message, Mail, WeChat, Weibo, Facebook and Twitter!!


-More Stickers Coming Soon-

-Open 3D Stickers
-Choose the category and the Sticker you like
-Choose one of the options (Share with Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Weibo, Copy etc)
-If you want to use it in WhatsApp, WeChat or Message, select Copy if it has no animation or just touch it if it has animation
-Select the button of WhatsApp, WeChat or Message and Paste the Sticker in the Message Box
-Enjoy it!

*You need to have configured Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Weibo, if you want to share the stickers through them.


Unofficial Product. This app is the sole creation and responsibility of MadDev Software. This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo, its name, trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.

Technical Support
Contact us at maddevsoft@hotmail.com

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My Little Dentist for kids!!



Have you ever wanted be a dentist ? It’s now the time to do it!! with My Little Dentist you and your kid will have hours playing to be a dentist!

Become a successful dentist and do a great job brushing away those dirty teeth, caries, dental plaque, and calculus, using dental instruments as a Drill, Cutter, Toothbrush, Air Syringe, Fresa, and Water Syringe!

Be yourself a dentist and solves the problems of your patients before the time ends !!!

Technical Support
Contact us at maddevsoft@hotmail.com

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Genetica Clínica



Genética Clínica es una herramienta fácil e indispensable para todo aquel que quiera conocer más sobre la genética humana, dividido en categorías en las que incluimos la mutación, cuadros clínicos y datos importantes.

Todas las variaciones genéticas contienen imagen, descripción completa y detallada de cada anormalidad genética, así como datos clínicos para diferenciar las variaciones genéticas. también se incluye un Glosario con las palabras más relevantes en la Genética humana, así como videos para facilitar el aprendizaje.


-Diabetes tipo1
-Diabetes tipo2
-Diabetes de la madurez (MODY)
-Enfermedad de Crohn
-Hipercolesterolemia Famiiar
-Trombosis Venosa
-Albinismo Oculocutáneo
-Enfermedad de Gaucher Adulto
-Enfermedad de Gaucher Infantil
-Enfermedad de la Orina Jarabe de Arce
-Hunter tipo1
-Hunter tipo2
-Intolerancia Hereditaria a la Fructosa
-San Filipo
-Von Gierke
-Charcot Marie Tooth
-Osteogénesis Imperfecta
-Síndrome de Crouzon
-Síndrome de Ehlers Danlos
-Síndrome de Loeys Dietz
-Síndrome de Marfán
-Sordera No Sindrómica Progresiva
-Epidermólisis Bulosa
-Fibrosis Quística
-Ictiosis Laminar
-Sordera No Sindrómica Congénita
-Enfermedad de Huntington
-Neuropatía Hereditaria de LEBER
-Síndrome de X Frágil
-Prader Willi
-Síndrome de Bardet-Biedl
-Beckith Wiedermann
-Cri du chat
-Di George
-Síndrome de Deleción
-Síndrome Down
-Síndrome Edwards
-Síndrome Patau
-Smith Magenis
-Tumor de Wilms
-Polisomía X
-Polisomía Y
-Síndrome de Sawyer
-Hermafrodismo Verdadero
-Pseudo Hermafroditismo Femenino
-Pseudo Hermafroditismo Masculino
-Síndrome Noonan
-Síndrome Reifenstein
-Síndrome de Chapelle
-Distrofia de Duchenne
-Incontinencia Pigmentaria
-Raquitismo Hipofosfatémico

Soporte Técnico
Contáctanos a maddevsoft@hotmail.com

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Relax your life with Relax Light

Relax Light 512




Allow Relax Light act relaxing your life and giving it a pleasant dream.

Relax Light works by selecting any of the cycles of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes, place the device beside you or on a night stand with the screen up.. Lay down on the bed facing up looking at the roof press the button to start , and the light will be projected on the roof of your room. Gradually match your breathing with the bright light changes,  this will calm your mind and relax your body .

Relax Light relaxes the body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, causing the eyelids become heavy and fall asleep.

Technical Support
Contact us to maddevsoft@hotmail.com

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Amazing Muscle Car Paradise in your iPhone, iPod and iPad!



Describe los más comunes autos de la época comprendida entre 1965 y 1977 período aproximado de los poderosos V8 de alto desempeño.

Compuesta con la siguientes secciones:

1. Definición.
2. Origen.
3. Autos más comunes.
4. El “Top Ten” de los Muscle Cars.
5. Los Famosos de la pantalla.
6. Videos. Demostración de poder y belleza.

Puedes encontrar en cada sección las especificaciones e imagen de cada auto.

Disfrútala cuando quieras y donde sea porque no necesita conexión a Internet.

App en constante actualización. Mantente en contacto.

Se adicionan sonidos reales de los motores a los autos involucrados en la Sección Top Ten. Son obtenidos de escenarios similares a los mostrados en dicho apartado. Para aquellos conocedores podrás distinguir la compresión entre una marca y otra; que lo disfrutes!

Requiere iOS5.1 o posterior.

Soporte Técnico
Contáctanos a maddevsoft@hotmail.com

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Speak many languages (Text to Speech) with Speak Out!

icon speak


Speak Out! is a helper application or entertainment which brings you the amazing ability to say words, sentences or phrases that you write in it!

Also with the application you can have a correct idea of the appropriate  pronunciation of the words in the language of your choice.

We bring almost all languages ​​of each continent, so you just have to identify the country or the language of your choice, write to the selected language and start to enjoy it!

Captura de pantalla de Simulador iOS 23.03.2013 23.54.33    Captura de pantalla de Simulador iOS 23.03.2013 23.54.35    Captura de pantalla de Simulador iOS 23.03.2013 23.54.37    Captura de pantalla de Simulador iOS 24.03.2013 16.19.20

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